• InLab Sensors

    Discover the accuracy and reliability of our InLab measuring sensors. Take advantage of an app with an intuitive interface and advanced features. This makes it easy for you and your students to navigate through the results.

    The InLab app is available for download in the Play Store and App Store.

  • Smart Devices

    Welcome to the future of gardening with our programmable greenhouse! It makes an interesting decoration for any space, but also becomes a sophisticated learning tool!

    Watch the magic of plant growth. With its functions such as heating, control according to

    instantaneous light intensity or humidity control, you'll always have the perfect

    conditions for your plants. Be inspired and discover the possibilities we bring!

  • Perfect Air sensors

    For the operation of Perfect - Air outdoor measuring stations, our team has developed a more efficient and user-friendly system to help manage and store data for longer periods of time. Its newer version has a faster response time and with the improved quality you will have absolute control over your stations. 

    Download the Perfect - air app for Android or iOS and monitor the air quality around you!

    You can also access your data using our powerful REST API. This opens the door to unlimited possibilities for integrating and using your measured data.

  • Sensetio

    Get a true and deep understanding! SENSETIO is built on a unique psychodiagnostic technology based on an exact measurement of the strength of emotional response.

    Innovative sensors measure changes in skin surface tension (GSR), which correlate with the strength of the emotional response.

    Are you a psychologist or therapist?

    Uncover issues that tend to be hidden in the mind and threaten psychological
    well-being of the client.

    Are you a trainer or coach?

    Get objective data on your mentees' emotional reactions and uncover their weaknesses. 

    The Sensetio method can also be used by companies and recruiters!
    It can show the level of emotional arousal when solving problems. It helps to eliminate
    systematic errors that reduce the quality of employees' problem-solving
    and decision-making skills.
  • Eye Trackery

    We have developed specialized software and hardware for analyzing the visual mechanisms of reading based on tracking eye interaction. The basis of the HW laboratory is a device for monitoring eye movements, the so-called eyetracker, which can scan the eye in milliseconds.

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